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Packaging & Fulfillment with the Bag System

The Bag System a feature in the Base Plan is an amazing tool that facilitates packaging, delivery organization, notifications for your customers, as well as tracking which customers are returning your bag. But with so many features how do you keep track of everything. 

How do I know what meals go into which bag to which customer and where it's going? A very-very important question we're asked quite often.

The first step is to go to your Fulfillment Report from there you can go to the Labels and print out a Delivery, Pickup, or Bag Label. If you are unsure how to print labels Click Here.

These labels are designed to have two major functions. One of them being to expedite and make your packaging process more efficient. Utilizing any phone (Samsung, Google, iPhone, etc...) you can open the Camera App and scan our QR Code. This QR Code will open the respective customer's Customer Order Invoice. From this invoice you will be able to see exactly what meals go into each bag.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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