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How to Create a Meal Recipe

You run a restaurant so the most important feature you need is to build out recipes in an efficient and simple way. With Sprwt, you can manage all of your kitchen needs with one dashboard. From ingredient and sub-recipes to food costs and meal prices to nutritional information and heating instructions and more.

To start go to Admin Dashboard > Kitchen > Meal Recipes and click add new to create a new recipe or click on a meal recipe card to edit an existing recipe. Then enter the name of the meal recipe you are creating, add a photo, select the categories that pertains to the meal, and add a meal description under 400 characters. You can also use the Premium toggle if you'd like a red-ribbon to appear on the meal card so customers know this is a "best-seller" or "premium" dish.

The next step is how you edit pricing for your meals and portion size. The** Price** is the A la Carte Rate, meaning if a person adds a meal on the A la Carte ordering system or an Extra Meal on a subscription plan they will pay this rate.

The** Upgrade Price calculates the cost of a larger portion sized meal by adding a value to the base rate of the Price**. For example, a regular dish is $10 the upgrade price for a large is $2 the large meal will cost $12. The upgrade price of $2 will be charged on all ordering systems, A la Carte, Meal Packs, and Meal Plans.

Lastly, the surcharge price is a rate you charge as surcharge to Meal Packs and Subscription Plans. Since those ordering systems have a base rate, a surcharge will increase the cost of their checkout if they select that meal.

Note: The system will not randomly select meals with surcharges.

After you enter all your pricing you will have the chance to enter all the instructions for the meals. These instructions are found on various parts of the Cooking Reports and Fulfillment Reports they are as follows:

Heating Instructions - Instructions that will appear on the Container Labels and Meal Card Recommended*
Packaging Instructions - Instructions for internal team that will appear on the* Packaging Report *Optional*
Cooking Instructions - Instructions that will appear on the Cooking Report Optional*

After you've entered your instructions you can begin adding ingredients and sub-recipes to build your meal recipe. Click the Add Ingredient and Sub-Recipe button and select all the items you need to build this meal. You can then adjust the quantity of ingredients and sub-recipes to build that dish.

If you are using the Macro System you can use the system to track your nutritions. If you entered macro-nutritional information on the ingredients and sub-recipe the system will automatically calculate what your nutritional information for this meal are. If you did not, you can manually enter the nutritional information for this meal.

Once you are done with creating or editing a meal hit save.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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