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Business Intelligence and Sales Reports

How much revenue did I generate? What do I owe the IRS? Which meals are my customers in-love with and what do they hate?
With Sprwt you have access to over 16 different Business Intelligent Reports that can help you understand your taxes, order metrics, revenue, profit margins, and more.

Sales > Sales

See how much revenue you made, your overall tax expenses, delivery fees, refunds, coupons, and several other key metrics you want to know about.

Sales > Pickup

See the checkouts and fees generated from each pickup location.
Have a partnership with a local business to act as a pickup hub? You can set up a reseller payout percentage in Delivery Settings > Pickup Locations, and track the resulting payout with each order in this report.

Sales > Taxes

See the data you'll need to appease...we're just as scared of them as you and every other law-abiding citizen... the IRS.
The Sprwt team took the Tax Report very seriously when building this beautiful system. We worked with top accounting firms across the country to determine what the best practice and various laws that exist across. Whether you pay a set fee per state or if you pay a unique fee per county or district, we've got you covered.
Set the global fee under Delivery Settings > State, and, for any unique rates, go to Delivery Settings > Zip Code and enter the tax rate for each zip code.

Sales > Meals

See how many meals were sold, how they were selected, and your resulting revenue and profits.

Sales > SMS

See data about the messages you've sent and calls you've received.

Sales > Delivery

See the checkouts and fees generated.

Sales > Conversion
Understand your conversion metrics, churn rates, new subscribers, new registered users and more

Sales > Profit and Loss
View a breakdown of your revenues, costs, and net income.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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