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How to connect Mailerlite Classic to Sprwt and add Popup Form Keys

Sprwt has partnered with MailerLite to provide you the ability to create simple email marketing campaigns. Please note, this integration is not an API integration but a simple connection to allow for newsletter form signups and new subscribers on your site to import into MailerLite. This platform is best used for a basic newsletter or new menu reminder you would send to customers. If you want more advanced email marketing functions please check out our Klaviyo integration. Note: The Klaviyo integration is a $50/mos add on.

To get started go to Admin Dashboard > Integrations Page then click the Connect Button and create an account

Once you've created an account on Mailerlite Classic you will need to create and design popup form. If you need any assistance with this step please contact MailerLite directly. Once your form is connected you will copy and paste the MailerLite Classic Keys directly into the Sprwt Integration page. We recommend watching the video below to do the process correctly.

This is a guide for Mailerlite Classic

Updated on: 25/12/2023

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