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How to delete and restore a meal recipe

If you have a meal recipe that you no longer want to have active on your site, both from the customer dashboard and the admin dashboard, you can delete/disable the meal recipe. Note, this will not permanently delete the meal but disable it from view. You can always restore meals that have been deleted.

To get started go to Kitchen > Meal Recipe and select the meal or multiple meals you'd like to delete. Then click the red button Delete.

Delete a Meal Recipe

If you'd like to restore a deleted meal go to Kitchen > Meal Recipes and select the checkbox on the left sidebar marked Show Inactive Meals
Show Inactive Meals

On this page you will see all the deleted/disabled meals. From here select the meal or multiple meals you'd like to restore. Then click the green button Restore.

Restore a Meal Recipe

Updated on: 14/02/2023

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