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How to create an employee staff member

With Sprwt HR tools you can create employees to put on schedule, manage payroll, time sheets, and more.

Before you create an employee you will have needed to have created a department, an employee role, and a user.

To get started go to admin dashboard > HR Tools > Employee > Staff and then click add new.

Select the Sprwt user to set the employee rules (note: if you didnt create a user for your employee on Sprwt you will need to do this).
Select a role or multiple roles that pertain to that employee with the appropriate pay rate
If you are using our Retail POS system you can give access to your POS devices on this page.
Enter a unique access pin for the employee to use to clock-in and clock-out with on the POS device and dashboard
If you want to give this employee admin access you can do so here. If you need to create specific access you may need to create a new role under Profiles and set the permissions you want that role to have access to.
Hit save when you are finished.

Updated on: 23/01/2024

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