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Customer Profile Management

With Sprwt's CRM system you have complete control over your customers' profiles. 

To access a user profile go to Admin > Users from this dashboard you can click on the customer ID you'd like to view/edit. You can search for the specific customer by typing the customer's name in the search bar located in the top-right corner.

To create a new user, simply click Add New and enter a Name, Email, and Password.

On this page, you will see various details pertaining to that customer which you can edit.

Password - will not be displayed, but type to edit and hit save to apply changes
Global User Role - what access the user has, as defined by the role created in Business Settings > User Roles

Is Active
Receive SMS (Text Messages)
Receive EMAIL

Birth Date - possibly for rewards
Edit Balance - the number in the parentheses is the current value, enter a positive or negative number to add or deduct, and hit save to apply changes
User Loyalty Cashback*, Digital Amount to Referring Customer, Digital AMount to Referred Customer** - percentage unique to the customer, or -1 to use the default

Below this section, you will be able to edit the customers profile details such as:

Billing Address
Shipping Address
Allergies - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Allergens
Dislikes - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Dislikes
Diet Preferences - - from those created in Kitchen Settings > Diet Categories
Delivery Bags - This is a Base Plan or Pro Plan feature. This feature allows you to track customers bags and update the bag status (En Route, Delivered, Returned)
Add new Card
Transactions - view all customer transactions associated with the digital wallet balance, whether from purchases, loyalty rewards, gift card redemption, referrals, etc.

After making changes, please make sure to hit save.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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