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What are diet preferences?

Users can edit their profile and manage their dietary preferences in order to improve their ordering process. These diet preferences are set by you on the admin dashboard under meal categories. A diet preference helps your customers filter their menu such as adding a category like Vegan, Low Carb, Paleo, etc... When a customer sets a preference on their profile, it will automatically filter your recipes on the menu based on what they want to eat, thus creating a faster and more efficient ordering process.

if you're unsure how to create a diet category, read our article about Meal Categories

You as an admin can manually adjust a users diet preferences directly on the user profile or they can from their profile. This feature will then automatically filter menu items from the customers view and if they are on a subscription and want automated meal selections, our system will randomly pick meals that match their preferences and DO NOT include any allergens or dislikes.

Updated on: 25/12/2023

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