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Why was a checkout with meals $0 or $2

In Sprwt, subscriptions are setup as two independent components. The first is the creation of a plan and the latter is the selection of meals for that plan. Imagine the following scenario. Your customers are purchasing a box, and in the first scenario they are paying for what the box will contain i.e. 10 meals that are 5 breakfast and 5 entrees; they are paying for the renewal of receiving this box. The second process of meal selection is merely filling the box with the appropriate meals and therefore there are no additional charges since they've already purchased the plan in the previous step.

In some circumstances a customer may order a plan that includes only a specific portion size i.e. regular or small meals. Let's assume this plan (box) of 10 Regular Entrees sells for $100. When selecting the meals the customer may have the opportunity to purchase a meal with a different portion size and be charged the Upgrade Price i.e. $2 and thus you will see a checkout of $2. Additionally, customers can purchase additional meals i.e. an 11th meal or even purchase meals with a surcharge rate (you as the admin can set surcharge rates under meal recipes pricing in the admin dashboard).

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Updated on: 10/01/2023

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