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How to use the Digital Wallet

Our Gift Card, Loyalty, Referral, Birthday, and Refund programs all reward customers in the form of store credit, or Digital Wallet balance that can be used at checkout in place of a card, to encourage customers to continue coming back to the site.

When a customer enters a gift card code, they'll see a message at the top of their cart page that says Gift card converted to balance.
When a customer makes a purchase, the percentage cashback will automatically be added to their balance.
When someone registers a new account with a customer's referral link, both the referred and the referrer will automatically receive a digital amount in their balance.
On a customer's birthday, they will automatically receive the birthday present amount in their digital wallet.
Whenever a customer is refunded, the amount is added to their digital wallet.

At checkout, in the right-hand column, if a customer has any store credit, underneath the cart total, a checkbox will appear, that says Use Balance? ($XXX). The amount in the customer's digital wallet will appear in the parentheses. 

Underneath that, the customer will be shown how much they are paying via their different payment methods. When the checkbox is clicked, the customer will see how much they are Paying With Balance, and how much they are Paying With Card

The system will use as much of the balance as possible. If the amount in the digital wallet covers the entire order, then the customer will pay entirely out of the balance (and will not have to input any card information). If not, all of the store credit in the digital wallet will be used, and the customer will pay the remaining amount with a card.

Customers can view the amount in their balance by clicking on their profile. The customer dashboard will automatically direct them to the My Identity tab under My Profile. On the right-hand side, they'll see a section labeled DIGITAL WALLET.

To read more on how you, as an admin, can manage a customer's balance, see this FAQ article.

To read more on how you, as an admin, can set up the digital amounts customers receive as part of the marketing programs, see this FAQ article.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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