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Proposals and Invoices

If you run a catering operation, utilizing proposals is key to operating a successful operation. Create and send proposals, contracts, and invoices with Sprwt that customers can pay directly on your website.

To get started create a proposal under the events management sidebar option. This feature may require you to purchase a higher Sprwt plan or add-on for an additional $75/mos.

Go to admin dashboard > events > proposal and then click add new to get started with a new proposal.

After filling out your prospective customer's personal and event information, you can add the meal recipes you would serve for the catered event. You can then add additional equipment and labor services you may provide and finally add miscellaneous charges like service fees and gratuity. Finally, when you're done with the proposal hit save and your customer will automatically be notified with a proposal via email. They can then access the proposal on their profile and accept the proposal and make necessary payments or reject the proposal and give you informations as to why so you can continue to try and win their business.

Updated on: 25/12/2023

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