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Create a recurring proposal

Do you have recurring catering customers? Perhaps an office order every day or week? Maybe you work with a non-profit that hosts an event once a month. No matter the scenario Sprwt has you covered.

To create a recurring proposal you will first need to create the proposal you would like to have cloned each reoccurrence. If you need assistance with creating your first proposal, we recommend you read our article, _[How to Create a Proposal](/en/article/proposals-and-invoices-k5y0gv/)_

To create a recurring proposal go to admin dashboard > events > recurring proposals and then click the add new recurring proposal button in the top left corner; and then follow the steps below to get your recurring proposal setup and active.

Name your recurring proposal
Select the proposal you want to have reoccur
Set the time of the event
Enter the number of days prior to the event you'd like to send a reminder. i.e. The event is every Friday and you want a 3 day reminder on Wednesday.
Select the start date from the calendar
Select how often this proposal reoccurs (daily, weekly, monthly)
Select the day, day of week, or monthly terms
Finally, select whether there is an end date or if the reocurring proposal never ends.

Updated on: 25/12/2023

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