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How can I track sales commission for proposals?

Are you running affiliate campaigns, have a team of sales people, or just want to reward that one person who gives you a steady bit of referrals? We make it easy with our commission calculation tools. Plus with Sprwt you can even track what to payout cumulatively for every proposal a single person brings to you.

To get started you will need to go to the HR tool suite and create an employee, -- yes, even if its just a referral/affiliate. Once you've created the employee you're able to go into a specific proposal and add the rate you wish to pay (fixed $ amount of a % of the proposal sub-total) and assign to the employee of choice. Once the proposal is created and saved, you will be able to calculate the total amount owed to the sales agent.

Proposal Sales Commission

To view a salespersons entire history and payout, go to admin > events > salesman report and select the person and date range you wish to view data for.

Salesman Report

Updated on: 25/12/2023

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