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How to create a Sub-Recipe

The Sprwt Ingredient System gives you the power to create detailed sub-recipes and reports so you know exactly what to purchase, cook, and package. Additionally, allowing your customers can track their nutrition with each meal. 

To start go to the Admin Dashboard > Kitchen > Ingredients & Sub-Recipes click add new to create a new sub-recipe or click on an existing sub-recipe you wish to edit. 

You start by entering the name of the sub-recipe and the category. We recommend that you  tag the category sub-recipe. You can create meal ingredient categories by going to Kitchen Settings > Meal Category. 

In the next section, you want to enter the Base Weight and Base Unit of the sub-recipe to calculate the yield you produce per your sub-recipe. If your recipe yields 10lbs we recommend converting it to ounces i.e. 160 oz. When you create a meal recipe and you require 4oz of a sub-recipe you simply would enter 4.

Additionally, in Sprwt you can use our system to calculate your Trim Percentage. The Trim percentage tells our system what you need to purchase and cook in order to hit an appropriate yield for a recipe. For example, if you have a recipe that yields 4oz of chicken breast and you know your trim percentage is 25%, our system will tell you that you need to purchase/cook 5oz to hit a 4oz yield.

You can then enter the cooking instructions that would pertain to this sub-recipe. This would show up on the Cooking Report.

The next step is tagging your sub-recipe with allergens and dislikes. You can create allergen and dislike tabs under Kitchen Settings > Allergens and Kitchen Settings > Dislikes.

 Note: All sub-recipes need to be retagged regardless if ingredients have tags already. 

You can use the Sprwt system to track macro nutritional information. We recommend entering macros your core/raw ingredients (i.e. Chicken Breast, Broccoli, etc...) that way as you build sub-recipes and meal recipes the system will automatically calculate macros. This way you are working bottom > top and save time in the long-term and utilize the Sprwt system more efficiently. 

To build a Sub-Recipe click the Add Ingredient button and select the Ingredient you would like to add. After the ingredient is added you can change the quantity of that ingredient to build your recipe. 

For example 160oz of chicken and 15 tbsp of seasoning makes 160oz of grilled chicken. 

Once you are done adding and editing all your sub-recipes hit save!

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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