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How to clone a menu

In Sprwt you can create recurring menus, menus that automatically rotate after a cutoff timer expires, and even categorize meals to create menus for different diet preferences. We've got a lot of great features, but the same question we always get is, "but how do you clone a menu to make the menu building process easier?"

To get started go to Kitchen > Meal Prep Menu and select a date in the calendar that has the menu you want to clone. For example, if you have a menu already set from the previous Monday delivery that you want to clone for next week, click on the previous Monday. then click the clone button.

Clone a Menu

You will then see a popup that requires you to enter the following 3 things:

a. Start Date (the first delivery day that menu will be set for)
b. End Date (the last delivery day that menu will be set for)
c. Kitchen Location (if you have multiple kitchen locations i.e. franchises/branches you can clone this menu for multiple locations)

Simply enter the Start date and End date, i.e. January 1st to January 7th or January 1st to January 1st (i.e. one day).
Clone Popup Modal

Updated on: 04/01/2023

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