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FedEx System Setup

The Fedex System is included in the Orchard Plan or could be purchased for an additional $150/mos.

To get started you will need to get the following information sent to your Sprwt agent.

After you provided us with this information you will need to create a new delivery route titled Fedex. Go to Delivery Settings > Delivery Routes & Methods and hit the Add New button. Set the name and tag of the route to Fedex and then toggle on/off which days are available for this delivery route method.

Once you created a route you will need to create a new bag type for Fedex. To create a new bag go to Delivery Settings > Bad Types. To learn how to create a bag for Fedex read this guide

Once your bag is created you will then have to add the states you are delivering to. To create a new state go to Delivery Settings > States. After you create a state you will need to add a zip code for that state. If you are delivering to the entire state use the * symbol instead of an actual zip code.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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