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Fulfillments with Sprwt

Once orders are placed, Sprwt will automatically generate multiple fulfillment reports to help you package your meals after they've been cooked, identify which orders are for pickup, delivery, which meals goes to which customers, who ordered extras, catering options, retail options, subscription orders, and more.

First steps first, go to the Admin Dashboard and then make sure the date is closed. After which click the Auto-Select Meals button to select meals for all your subscription customers. If you want to manually pick meals click on the number of meals yet to be chosen and go into each subscription. To learn more about this process please check our discussion on how to manage a subscription.

Now that all your meals are selected it is time to start working with reports. First, begin with your inventory shopping list. This report can be sent to your vendors to purchase all your required inventory. Once you have your ingredients its time to cook. Depending on your active ordering systems you can access the Meals Report, By the Pound Report, and Custom Meals Report. These three reports give you a high-overview on what you need to cook. Second, utilize the Cooking Report and Sub-Ingredient Report to see what you need to cook.

Once you have finished cooking your meals its time for packaging and deliveries. We created a system that we feel will help you be more efficient in the kitchen and with deliveries.

First start by printing out the container labels (Chef Menu, BTP, CMB) and Bag Labels for deliveries. Please note the Bag Labels are part of the Base plan or Pro Plan. These labels will be printed in alphabetical order from the Apple Pies to Zucchini Noodles. Furthermore, the Apple Pies labels will be organized from Amanda to Zachary and so will your Bag Labels.

Once your labels are printed you will organize your container labels on your prep table in alphabetical order of meals and stacked by customer name.

You will then package the meals appropriately with the Meals by Customer Report which will breakdown the orders per customer. You can also use the Packaging Report to the help your team knows exactly what goes into each container and a breakdown recipe for each portion size. 

Once you package all your meal in order, you will have Amanda's dish on the bottom of the stack and Zack's on top. So when you place the meals in the fridge to cool it should be reversed with Amanda on top. 

Now grab your cooler bags and get ready to package. Using the Bag Labels or Pickup/Delivery Report you can see what meals go into each bag. Starting with Amanda's you will grab her meals, and given her name is first all her meals will be the first on the top of each Meal's pile. Then work down the line and you're set. 

Your Bag Labels will have the route number and if your using optimiroute or some route building system you can pre-label what driver gets each bag. So after you created a bag you can move it to the appropriate location for that driver. If you are using Fedex Systems to manage all your deliveries. Simply have your meals appropriately packaged and labeled and have them ready for the Fedex driver to pickup your meals for deliveries. Then you are done! Another successful week of running your kitchen with _Sprwt_!

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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