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How to Change Cutoff Timer

The most important part of running a kitchen is making sure you got all the ingredients you need to cook. Nobody wants to do another shopping run in the final hours before delivery. That's why this industry is far superior than any other food industry... but we're not biased

Your customers must place an order on X by Y in order to get deliveries by Z. Simple concept and you definitely need to have an order deadline. But how do you do it.

To start go to your admin dashboard > business settings > cutoff timer  and then toggle on the day you want the cutoff date to be; for example Friday.

Then enter how many days that is cutting off for i.e. if Friday is the cutoff day for Sunday delivery enter 2. Then select the time you want the cutoff to be. Hit save and you're done.   

Note: If you have one date cutoff multiple delivery days then extend the day for cutoff in step 1.

Please keep in mind, that your cutoff date will automatically close all ordering for the delivery date you set. So if you want customers to order after the order deadline you need to manually open the day on the admin dashboard.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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