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Differentiating the Cooking Reports

With Sprwt, all of our reports are done in real-time. This means the moment a customer checks out, your reports are updated automatically to reflect the orders you'll need to fulfill. With the features we provide, your cooking reports will track exactly what you need to purchase and cook for each pickup/delivery date. Based on the recipes built into your system, the system will calculate for the meals that are ordered and even taking into account trim percentages that you have for certain ingredients.

Inventory Shopping List - What ingredients do I need?

This list will combine all like ingredients used across all the meals you need. The measure will be scaled up from what each recipe calls for, and how many orders of each recipe have been placed. This number will be scaled up to a larger unit under conversion, and you'll also see the price you listed on your Ingredient pages, and the total cost for the amount you need. If you listed your vendor on your ingredient page, that information is provided as well, to make the shopping process as easy as possible for you. All of your ingredients will be grouped by Ingredient Category.

Meals Report - What meals do I need to make?

This report will give you a high-level overview of which meals need to be produced for the date. You'll see how many of each portion size you need, and clickable order numbers to take you to the invoice associated with the meal. All your meals will be grouped by Kitchen Location.

Cooking Report and Sub-Recipe Report - What are the recipes I should use?

The Cooking Report will be your recipes. With each meal or CMB/BTP order that has been placed, you'll see the name of the item, how many you'll need to cook, and how to cook the item.
For meals, this report will include the ingredients/sub-recipes called for by each recipe. In separate columns, you'll see how much of each ingredient you need for one unit of the meal, as well as how much of each ingredient you need for the total number of the meal for the day. Along with this, you'll have the cooking instructions for the ingredients and the meal recipe listed here.
For Custom Meal Builder and By the Pound orders, for each option that was selected, you'll see the combined amount across the orders for that ordering system. Like with the meals, the ingredients, measure, conversion, and instructions will all be listed here.
The Cooking Report groups your recipes by ordering system, then by meal or CMB/BTP option.
With the Cooking Report, you'll see that each time a sub-recipe is called for, it's followed by an asterick: () and the ingredients needed for the sub-recipe are listed under and indented. If the same sub-recipe is used in multiple meals or different types of orders, it will show up in each relevant order in exactly the amount needed for that order only on the Cooking Report. If you don't want to build the sub-recipes as you build your meals, you can turn off the Show Subrecipes toggle on the Cooking Report.
What you can do is use the Sub-Recipe Report first, which combines all the sub-recipes across all types of orders and meals for the entire pickup/delivery date. This report will group items by sub-recipe, and it includes the ingredients needed for each sub-recipe, as well as the total quantity needed and relevant Prep Instructions. The Sub-Recipe report would be your prep list, and then you can go to your Cooking Report, with the subrecipe toggle off, and add the subrecipes in their necessary quantities to each order.
Example: Sub-Recipe Report tells you the cumulative amount of  Jasmine Rice found in both the Atlantic Salmon dish and the Turkey Burger Dish. Whereas the Cooking Report, tells you what you how much Jasmine Rice is needed in each specific recipe.

Updated on: 29/12/2022

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