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Coupon Availability

Go to Business Settings > Coupons.

Click Add new or click on the Id# of a coupon you want to edit.

Identify the coupon
Name: Recognize which coupon is being applied. Appears on the Customer Order invoice.
Code: Entered by customers at checkout. (Not case-sensitive)
What the customer will receive
Type and Value: What type of monetary discount do you want to give customers who use this code?
Current purchase: the customer will pay less for the checkout on which the coupon is applied.
Amount in Cart - Fixed Dollar Amount ($): Subtract a certain dollar amount.
Percentage of Cart (Subtotal): Subtract a certain percentage of the cart's value (excluding delivery/bag/tax).
Digital Wallet: the discount will be added to the customer's store credit upon completion of checkout, so they will not be able to use on the current purchase, but on the next.
Fixed Dollar Amount to add to Digital Wallet: Add a certain dollar amount.
Fixed Percentage to add to Digital Wallet (Subtotal): Add a certain percentage of the cart's value (excluding delivery/bag/tax).
Dollar Amount or Percentage determined by Value (appears as Fixed Amount on table)
Offer Extra Items: One item added to the cart for the current checkout for $0.00*.** 
Offer Free Shipping?: Delivery fee waived.
Discount Applied to Delivery Fee?: Dollar amount applies to delivery fee first, or percentage includes delivery.
End Date: (NOT REQUIRED) Last date on which the coupon code can be applied. Selct from calendar, or type with MM/DD/YYYY format. If left empty, the coupon has no expiry date.
Minimum Cart Value Required to Apply: Dollar amount that the customer's subtotal must be in order to apply the coupon.
How Many Coupons Exist: Number of available coupons. As the coupon is used, this number will go down.
Limited One Use per Customer: A customer can only apply the coupon on one checkout (appears as Unique code? on table)
Limited to FIrst Time Buyers: Can only be used on a customer's very first checkout
Auto Apply Coupon to Cart: Customers will not need to know the code.
Is Active: Global usability, regardless of all other values.
Allow on: Discounts can be applied to checkouts that use these ordering modules.
Notes on customer usage:
If the coupon is unavailable, if a customer tries to use the code, they'll see a message that says This coupon is no longer valid, or not active, etc.
A customer can only apply a particular coupon code to a checkout once.
Click Save.

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Updated on: 22/12/2022

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