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Cancel a Subscription

A customer calls you and tells you they're moving, need something else, whatever the case they have cancelled. So how do you cancel a subscription on Sprwt.

First, navigate to the customer’s Subscription page by going to Admin Dashboard > Subscriptions > Click On the ID #. You can search for a customer by typing his/her name in the search bar in the top-right corner.

Click Cancel Auto Renew.
Select days you want to cancel: Select all remaining days in the customers’ plan. Otherwise, the customer will stay on the plan – and cannot sign up for a new one – until the end of the billing period.And, the meals they are subscribed for would stay on the reports for uncancelled dates.
NOTE: If you only want to cancel one date in the subscription. you can do so by clicking the date circle in the bottom section of the page, and clicking Cancel This Day. Update next renew day to when the customer's plan would renew again.
Either Refund to Digital Wallet directly from here, or see the article on other refund methods. The refund amount is up to you.

Cancelled subscriptions will stay listed in the Subscriptions tab, but once the billing period ends, (whatever you update the renewal date to), and if the customer has another subscription, where it currently says Change to Auto Renew will be a button that says Go to Current Subscription, that will take you to the customer's active subscription.

To see only the subscriptions that are currently active, you'll go to Fulfillment Reports > Subscriptions Report.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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