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User Role Controls

Want to give a driver, accountant, or a chef to the admin dashboard but restrict what they have access to? With Sprwt you can do exactly that with the User Role feature.

To start go to your Admin Dashboard > Business Settings > User Roles** and click add new.

Start by defining the User Role title. After you've added a name, you simply toggle on all the features you'd like the user to have access to. Each feature on the admin dashboard is broken into categories including everything on the cooking reports, fulfilment reports, delivery settings, business settings, kitchen settings, accessing the kitchen (recipes and menu), managing the subscriptions, SMS management, sales reports, and more.

Once you've defined your user role you can assign the role to a user by going to the Admin Dashboard > Users and click on the user you want to change roles for. If no user exists you can create a new user and enter the users information: name, email, phone, and role.

If you own multiple locations you can assign the Role of the user to a specific location or multiple locations.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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