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Understanding the Sprwt System

I'm on the site and trying to make changes, but I don't see the tab that I'm looking for, or the FAQ guide told me to find, and now I'm having trouble navigating the site. Help! 

To get to the admin dashboard:

Make sure you're logged in.
In the menu bar, on the top right, you'll see 4 icons. Click the fork and knife set, the second icon from the right.
If the icon directs you to select your meals, contact with your user email to change your role to admin.

If you're looking for a particular tab and can't find it:

If your company has multiple Kitchen Locations set up, underneath your logo will be a drop-down to select the location. If you're in Global View, you won't be able to view menus, reports, subscriptions, or other information specific to a location.
There is another likely issue if you cannot find a tab, or if you click on something and it redirects you to the Home page when it should not. This would be that your user role does not allow you access to certain controls.
Go to Business Settings > Users Profiles and click on the ID# that is associated with your user role. (You can see your user role by going to Users > click on your profile ID# and look under Global/Kitchen User Role.) You can then turn a given toggle on or off.
If you don't see the Users Profiles tab, ask your main admin to go to Business Settings > Users Profiles and turn on the toggle to allow your role to Edit Users Profiles, or ask for the specific control you need. If your main admin does not see the tab either, contact and ask them to turn on the Edit Users Profiles toggle for the Admin user role.
If you still can't find a certain control, email with what you're looking for. It may be that it is spelled wrong, or not included in your subscription. If you'd like to speak with a sales agent, schedule a call with your Sprwt representative to discuss which features you'd like to incorporate into your system.

To navigate the site, you'll be using the tabs in the menu on the left-hand side of the site.

Navigation Layout

Logo - navigate to dashboard, or navigate to front-end home screen
View Drop Down - select Kitchen Location
Name - navigate to profile
Dashboard - overview, production
POS - managing retail purchases
Cooking Reports - what you'll need to prepare and how
Inventory Shopping List, Meals Report, Custom Meals Report, By Pounds Report, Cooking Report, Sub-Recipe Report
Fulfillment Reports - what you'll need to label, pack, and send meals out for pickup/delivery
Customer Meals Report, Labels, Packaging Report, Pick-up Report, Delivery Report, Extras Report, Subscriptions Report, Bags By Delivery Date, Bag Report
Kitchen - create meals for sale and determine when they will be available
Ingredients, Sub-Recipes, Meal Recipes, Meal Prices, Extras, Meal Prep Menu, Grab and Go Menu, POS Menu
Subscriptions - manage individual customers' meal plans
Sales - financial statistics
Sales, Pickup, Taxes, Meals, SMS, Delivery
SMS - notify or speak with customers
Compose, Chat, Contacts, History, Buy Credits, Numbers
Users - manage user profiles' information and roles
Delivery Settings - manage rates, routes, bags, and pickup locations
States, Delivery Rates - Zipcode, Delivery Routes & Methods, Pickup Locations, Retail Locations, Bag Types
Kitchen Settings - define how to categorize and group ingredients and meals
Meal Categories Groups, Meal Categories, Ingredient Categories, Allergens, Dislikes, Weekly Subscription, Weekly Subscription Groups, Meal Packs, Macros, Portion Sizes, Units
Business Settings
Coupons, Giftcards, Cut Off Timer, Faqs, Configuration, Users Profiles, Kitchen Locations
Customer Orders - checkout invoice information and refunds
Active Subscriptions / Addons - additional features
Help - contact
FAQs - see this knowledge base

You can use the attached file as a guide to understanding your system.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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