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How can I use Sprwt for Email Marketing

Sprwt is partnered with Mailerlite as our exclusive email marketing provider. We directly integrate their system so you can quickly and efficiently run all your email marketing campaigns while using our CRM system.

If you're interested in having a newsletter form, run email automated sequence campaigns, or just use their platform to send new menu reminders then there's no better platform than Mailerlite

Click on **this link**.
Complete your Profile. Click Request Approval, then verify your email address.
Click Forms in the green menu bar. Click Embedded forms. Click Create embedded formor select a form you have already created.
Name the form, choose a subscriber group, and customize the design/settings. Click Next.
In the Overview, scroll down to the section that says Embed form into your website and make sure you're on the tab labeled JavaScript snippet.
Near the bottom, locate the text Copy and paste the code provided below, wherever you want the form to appear.
Send the text underneath to It should look something like this:

<div class="ml-form-embed"




We will then connect your MailerLite account to your website.

So why Mailerlite? Well, the easiest answer is because the pro-features are FREE. Mailchimp and Constantcontact charge up to $199 per month for features included in Mailerlite for FREE! 

On top of that, your normal rates for sending more than 2000 emails per month are sometimes 60% cheaper than the competitors. Why would you pay more for the exact same functions? I wouldn't, and that's why we partnered with Mailerlite to give you the best email marketing experience.

Want us to run your marketing campaigns? Contact us and **schedule a demo** with one of our agents to discuss more.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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