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Kitchen Locations & Delivery Dates

Do you feel like your business is ready to start expanding to multiple locations? Adding a new location can be an exciting step to growing your business, and we're here to help. A Kitchen Location has the capability for 

food preparation
order fulfillment
generating master reporting data
serving as a pickup location

It is a location operated by a single entity that creates menus and prepares meals. In your system, new customers will select which location they are looking at, and you'll essentially have an additional set of website pages and reports. If this is not what you're looking for, see []([our guide to selecting which location expansion you need](


Contact your Sprwt representative if you would like to purchase an additional kitchen location for $500 per month.
Go to Admin Dashboard > Business Settings > Kitchen Locations.
If you don't see this option, and you have the access to Edit Users Profiles, go to Business Settings > Users Profiles, select your role ID#, and turn on the toggles for List Kitchen Locations and Edit Kitchen Locations.
(If you don't have access to Edit Users Profiles, contact the main admin of your page, or if it was turned off for all of your user roles.)
Click Add New. In the parentheses, you'll see how many new locations you have been billed for but have not yet set up. If you've already set up all the pickup locations you have been billed for, you'll see a message that says You have only X active kitchen locations available. To get more please contact Sprwt. We charge $500 per kitchen location per month.
To make changes or replace a location, click the ID# of the kitchen location you wish to edit.
Name: Appears to new customers when selecting their kitchen location to choose which location they are purchasing from.
Meal Prep Online Delivery Days
Turn on and off the toggles for which days of the week you will offer either pickup or delivery. These are the days that customers can select to receive the meals they purchase, around which your menus and reports will center.
Contact with the ordering cutoff date and time for each of these delivery dates
Retail Refill Days
If this location will also serve a retail location, turn on and off the toggles for which days of the week items will be available.

Main Changes

Between the logo and your name on the left-hand bar, you should now see a dropdown that says Global View. Click on this to select a location for which to view menus, reports, subscriptions, or other specific information.
Now, when you create or change a menu, you'll specify which location(s) the meals will be available for, and reports will be accordingly diverged.
In the Admin Dashboard > Users tab, you can manage your admins. For existing users, their role will default to Default Global Role for the new kitchen. If you're expanding to new locations, you'll likely have new operators who will only be active for that particular kitchen location, so the Users tab is where you'll be able to specify users' roles for particular locations.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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