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How to create/edit a zip code

Want to deliver meals to your customer? Interested in charging different rates depending how far your customers are? With Sprwt, you have the ability to create a complex delivery table to ensure your customers are charged a delivery fee you set, charged the correct tax fees, and more.

Start by going to the admin dashboard > delivery settings > delivery rates - Zip Codes

Step 1: If you have multiple states, select the state tab you want to add/edit a zip code for

Step 2: Click add new to create a new zip code or click on the zip code you want to edit

Step 3: Enter the zip code

Step 4: Select your delivery route preference

Step 5: Enter a delivery price

Step 6: If you have a different tax rate for this zip code than the default state tax enter it here

Step 7: Toggle on/off any ordering systems you want to use with this zip code

Step 8: Save

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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