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How to Link a Hub or Location to Sprwt

Utilizing Root Planner and Sprwt Meal Prep Software. Awesome! We built this platform as the perfect solution to solve both business needs.

Once you've connected your API Key you can link your locations from Sprwt into Root Planner. To start go to Admin Dashboard > Business Settings > Kitchen Locations  and select the Hub for each Kitchen Location from the drop down. Hit save and you are done!

For a pickup location or retail location make sure on Root Planner > Customer you have toggle on the "Is a Sprwt Location" box. This way it will show up on Sprwt website.

Once you've created the location (Customer) in Root Planner you can go to Sprwt Delivery Settings > Pickup Location or Retail Location and select the "Customer Location" in the drop down for the respective location.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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