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How to create a delivery status and edit notifications

With Root Planner you can create multiple delivery statuses that also automatically send out an SMS and/or Email notification to your customers.

To get started go to Settings > Status > Add New and then create your status. Apply all the toggled that are relevant.

Settings Breakdown

Requires Driver Signature
Requires Client Signature
Requires Reason/Justification - Use this if the Driver needs to explain why the status was changed
i.e. Status: delivery not completed Reason: Customer not home and couldn't get signature
Requires Photo
Visible to Customer - Customer can see the status live
Complete - This marks delivery is completed
Apply to Transit - This marks the Status is one used during delivery. An example of one not-being used would be "cooking" i.e. the Pizza is still cooking and not En Route.

SMS & Email Notifications

Toggle on which notifications you'd like to use and either use a preset message or create your own.

Updated on: 22/12/2022

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